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Let's upskill your presentation game. Find the program that’s right for you, your organization, teams, and high-potential people.


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Train your WFH, remote employees across town or across the country and around the world with virtual presentations skills and storytelling skills training from Boar Carrot.

Fundamental Presentation Skills Program

Discover new powerful presentation tools or review and refine communication skills with our Fundamental Presentation Skills Program.

  • Explore & practice techniques to manage nervousness and build poise & confidence as a leader, presenter, & expert.
  • Enhance your professional presentations through essential delivery skills, including effective eye contact, gestures, and voice strategies, that will enable you to project your expertise.
  • Learn how to handle questions and remain the respected expert and leader. You will be ready to skillfully field questions from leadership, colleagues, and direct reports.

Advanced Presentation Skills Program

Boost your virtual presentation skills and upskill your presentation skills from virtually anywhere.

  • Discover how to use body language and vocal tone to convey confidence and credibility
  • Practice delivering presentations in a supportive environment to gain valuable feedback and improve your skills
  • Learn how to tailor your presentations to different audiences and situations for maximum impact
  • Develop your ability to communicate complex ideas and information clearly and concisely
  • Explore advanced presentations techniques in storytelling and persuasion.

Complete Presentation Skills Program

The Complete Presentation Skills Program combines the Fundamental and Advanced Programs. It delivers a comprehensive skills-development program designed to guide you, your leaders, teams, and talent up-and-down the organization to master the art of presenting with confidence and clarity.

Whether you're a seasoned speaker or a beginner, this program reviews, refines, and enhances the skills needed to deliver powerful, engaging, crisp, and concise presentations that save time and captivate.

Leadership Communication Coaching

Coaching fast tracks your presentation-skills development. We work with individuals and small groups, virtually and in person.

  • Faster Development
    When you book Leadership Communication coaching, you fast track you or your leader's skill development, so he/she can give talks like a leader in no time.
  • Unique to You
    In a career, a leader gains strengths and holds growth opportunities. When you work with one of our experts, you will receive unique feedback on your strengths & opportunities.
  • Project or Leadership Development
    Our most successful leaders posess drive, growth-mindset, and a willingness to look honestly at their current skill level. It helps to have an upcoming important presentation or an item on a leadership development plan: Communication skills.

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