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We work with organizations, teams, and individuals to create and deliver remote presentations that are engaging, captivating, and memorable confidently and consistently..

We do this through Leadership Communication Coaching, Workshops, and Presentation-Skills Talks.

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Benjamin Borchert

Founder | Facilitator | Coach

Benjamin coaches and trains professionals like you on how to give more captivating, engaging, and memorable remote presentations.

His hands-on, interactive virtual workshops, presentation-skills talks and 1:1 coaching are sure to lift your skills to a new level. You can learn or review the basics in presentation fundamentals or expand specific techniques.

Benjamin reaches thousands of professionals from all corners of the globe from his Minneapolis home office.

With an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and over a decade of theatre experience under his belt, Benjamin blends business with active fun.

Benjamin lives with his wife, dog, and 4-year-old son, and he is excited for the arrival of his daughter this fall.

Professional speaker, facilitator, and coach, Ben Borchert, is ready to have fun exploring presentation topics with you, your organization, and team.

Ben is passionate about helping people communicate at their best. This is such an understated skill - and something that we can all work to continuously improve.

"Ben is a great instructor. He is clearly interested in helping his students succeed and he is knowledgeable and engaging."

"Great course. I would definitely take more from Ben."

"The teaching style of the instructor (Ben). Very straight forward and easy to follow his teaching methods."

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